Fire Emblem Warriors Update Coming Nov. 16

The first update for Fire Emblem Warriors is slated to go live on November 16, bringing with it a new History Mode map, Broken-Armor attributes, and new costumes.

The update was first announced on the official Japanese Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter, and later confirmed throughout the other regional Nintendo Twitter accounts. The hefty update will bring the title to version 1.2 and comes as somewhat of a surprise, based on separate DLC already being planned and available for purchase. The translated notes involving the update are provided below:

History Map: “Hero Contest”

Adds the new History Map “Hero Contest,” where Rowan and Lianna battle against various heroes in an arena setting.

Weapon Attribute: “Armor Piercer Blow”

Adds the new weapon attribute “Armor Piercer Blow.” The enemy hit by a weapon with this attribute will enter an “armor break” state that lowers their defense and resistance. However, if you are hit by the enemy with a strong attack, you will enter the armor break state.


When Rowan and Lianna enter the armor break state, their character models will change as to destroy the equipment they are wearing.

New Costumes

The “Gold Prince” costume has been added for Rowan, and the “Gold Princess” costume has been added for Lianne.


New blessings have been added to the temple.

Bulk sale of weapons added.

Bug fixes.

It is expected that this new “armor break state” and “armor piercer blow” attribute will play into the “broken-armor costumes” that have been confirmed to be part of each DLC pack coming to Warriors. Also confirmed were at least three additional History Mode maps confirmed for each release, so it is interesting to see one being released for free in regards to the two main protagonists of the game.

Fire Emblem Warriors was released for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS on October 20. Before launch, we reported on the planned DLC for the game, in addition to the purchasable Season Pass. 

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