Overwatch Introduces New Character Moira, New Blizzard World Map, and New Cosmetics for 2018

On top of a stunning new cinematic, Blizzard has revealed the next “hero” coming to Overwatch, as well as a new reference filled hybrid map and the first set of new cosmetics coming to the roster in 2018.

All of the fresh information was put out to kick off the first day of Blizzcon — developer Blizzard’s annual megaton conference and convention. Following up on last year’s conference — which finally concluded the long series of ARG madness with the reveal of the character Sombra — this installment’s festivities were sure to bring just as much excitement, or even more. 

Named “Moira”, the Talon experimentalist is now the 26th character to join the expansive Overwatch roster. As many speculated beforehand, she fulfills the previously untouched support class, offering yet another healer for players to utilize. However, she also features a large offensive component which appears to be a mix between current support heroes Zenyatta and Symettra. More specific  details on her abilities can be found on her bio page on the official PlayOverwatch website

Not stopping there, Blizzard also pulled back the curtain on the next major gameplay map coming to the rotation, titled “Blizzard World”. Coming fittingly during Blizzcon, this hybrid capture point and payload map celebrates all things Blizzard, envisioning what a theme park based on all of the developer’s properties would look like. This includes vastly different areas based on World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone

This appears to be just the start of what will be a year of crossover content coming to Overwatch that involves other Blizzard IPs. In addition to the map, the first bundle of new cosmetics were shown off for a handful of heroes, with some getting skins based on other games. It was confirmed that each and every hero in the roster will be getting new content, whether it be in the form of skins, highlight intros, emotes, and “more”.  It has also been confirmed that this content will be coming throughout 2018 and will not be locked to any specific seasonal event availability.

As for a timetable when it comes to Moira and Blizzard World, no release window has been confirmed quite yet. However, it is likely that either/or may hit the Overwatch Public Test Region this upcoming week so that each will have plenty of time for testing before ultimately coming to the live client of the popular first-person shooter. 

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