Spelunky 2 Announced by Mossmouth Games

New game to follow original characters’ daughter

Mossmouth Games turned a lot of heads with its rogue-like platformer, Spelunky. The cave-exploring game was filled secrets and notoriously difficult, making it a hit for speedrunners and casual explorers alike. And recently, the unexpected sequel was announced, to much fanfare.


As an announcement trailer, the new video doesn’t give us too much in the way of details. But there are some story elements we might not have expected.

For one, Spelunky guy (the default, brown explorer) apparently marries the yellow explorer, as identified by the color of their costumes. And they have a daughter who appears to merge both their costumes, and who is also the main character of Spelunky 2.

By the events of the trailer, it would seem that the girl’s parents (or perhaps just her father?) are gone, which might make up the premise of Spelunky 2. Though the trailer is initially heartwarming and celebratory, it takes a turn when the dad disappears from a photograph, to the words “following in fading footsteps”. This is likely to mean that the father is dead or missing at least.


Should this make one sad, there is some good news to cheer up with—the dog is still around. It isn’t explicitly stated that this is the same pug from Spelunky, but as it is seen drinking from the Kapala, it is plausible. Perhaps, instead of being a Damsel, the dog will take on a supporting role in the new game?

There is also the theory that Spelunky 2 will go to the moon. Given the prominence of the moon in the background and the final line (“looking to the skies”), it suggests we might leave our Earth-bound adventures behind. Perhaps this will have something to do with the aliens of Area 3? Or the vampires one finds in Hell?

There is no release date yet on the new game, but we are fairly confident this will come soon. In addition, it is likely the sequel will come to the same platforms as the original—meaning Xbox, Playstation and PC.

For more information, see the trailer in full below.

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