New Far Cry 5 Trailer Shows Off Two-Player Co-op

The song may be a little dated, however

Sony has shown off a lot of games recently, as part of Paris Games Week 2017. We’ve seen new trailers for Spider-Man and God of War, and now we’ve also been given new content for Far Cry 5. Specifically, the video treats us to the expansive new co-op option.

The new “Friend for Hire” system for Far Cry 5 lets players invite a friend whenever they want, at whatever point. As soon as the tutorial is completed, two-player co-op is accessible for play across all other missions. And based on the video, co-op looks to be a pretty rowdy good time.

Along with your usual explosions and gunfire mayhem, the video shows off a series of drivable vehicles. We see jetplanes, muscle cars and tractors even. Humming in tune with the chaos, there are a lot of engines.

The roaring good time is helped by the fact that rewards and experience gained from co-op transfer over. After the session ends and both parties go their separate ways, both host and guest will find that they keep what they earned.


Additionally, the host’s world will save mission progress gained from co-op. This is only for the host, however, as the guest will return to their own world after. The guest also will not retain any Reputation gains or Quest-related unlocks.

Furthermore, the experience is helped by host and guest seeing different variations of in-game loot. There won’t be any fighting over who gets what as both players will see their own items. Neither will players be able to wander too far from each other, though far enough to pilot separate vehicles effectively.

Far Cry 5 releases February 27, 2018 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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