We Still Don’t Know What to Think of ‘The Last of Us Part II’

The new trailer is just as mysterious as the last

Yesterday, as part of the first day of 2017’s Paris Games Week, Sony dropped trailers for several of its upcoming games. The trailers have been fairly informative thus far, but The Last of Us Part II is not one of them.


Thus far, developer Naughty Dog has been rather close-mouthed about its new title. We know it will present the latest developments in Joel and Ellie’s stories, but we know little of what these may be. All we truly know is a focus word. While the first game was about love, the second is said to be about hate.

This latest trailer might be said to exemplify the new theme. In the video, a group of cultists viciously threaten, maim and almost kill two unknown women. This is before they themselves are killed, in an accompanying gruesome fashion. The purpose of the trailer is unclear, as it reveals nothing about the game. It does, however, with its senseless violence, make the viewer very uncomfortable. And this may serve a purpose.

If the theme of the new title is to be hate, it is likely to grapple with the results of that hate. Typically, this means violence. Violence that, in real situations, often is over-the-top, gruesome and senseless. Though hate might be predicated on who or what someone represents to another, violence is itself undiscriminating. And the current mystery of the characters may tie in to the mysterious nature of the violence we see.


It is almost a given that this new trailer will make more sense as more information is revealed. The characters are likely to play some major role in the stories of Ellie and Joel, we just don’t know what or how yet.

Speculation abounds however that this scene might be a flashback, and that the woman with the noose put around her neck is actually Ellie’s mom. Thus the reason for the female cultist putting a knife to her belly. We will update this article if we learn more.

In the meantime, see the new trailer below.

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