Kratos Brings the Pain in New God of War Combat Footage

Father of the year: A fresh God of War trailer has dropped, showcasing Kratos’ ability to provide parental guidance while dispatching a room full of enemies. 

Initially revealed yesterday during PlayStation’s Paris Games Week Conference, the video was later uploaded to the official PlayStation YouTube channel for high quality enjoyment. While mostly combat, the trailer provides yet another clean look of how story sequences and cutscenes will smoothly transition into gritty, raw action sequences — a trademark of the God of War series. 

Although short, this also gives fans another example of what to expect from the relationship between Kratos and his son, Atreus. On top of some back-and-forths, each will cover for each other — as the boy can be seen providing archery fire from behind towards enemies. This scene also gives a look at yet another quick-time event when locked in combat. 

Previously, the most recent God of War footage came out of Sony’s E3 2017 Press Conference, which can be viewed above. While no specific release date has been provided for the much anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, a release window of “Early 2018” still remains. 

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