New Monster Hunter World Footage; Horizon Crossover Shown Off

As 2018 quickly approaches, CAPCOM has revealed yet another trailer for Monster Hunter World — this time showcasing crossover content coming for PlayStation 4 owners.

The footage was first shown off during PlayStation’s Paris Games Week Conference earlier this morning. It sheds light on even more species and types of monsters that players will be able to hunt down, as well as some more of the armor sets that will be available. In addition, what looks to be more story content was shown off in a select bunch of cutscenes. 

While the open-world quest game from CAPCOM continues to look visually stunning and polished, the most interesting bit of info came after the showcase of gameplay. PlayStation 4 owners will be happy to hear that a pair of exclusives are coming to their version of the game — including a beta starting  on December 9 and crossover content with Horizon Zero Dawn

It is unclear at this time whether this will be free or paid additional content when the game launches. Regardless, players will once again be able to take control of Horizon’s main character Aloy, but this time within a completely new world. 

Monster Hunter World is scheduled to unleash upon North America on January 26 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At this time, a PC port of the game is still confirmed to be in development, yet no release date has yet been given aside from 2018. 

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