Sonic Forces OST – Eggman’s Facility

SEGA has let forth another music sample from the official Sonic Forces OST, this time featuring a remix of a classic tune for a new stage. 

The tune was first uploaded to both official Sonic The Hedgehog Twitter and YouTube accounts this morning — continuing the trend of Friday music samples. To mix it up, SEGA has included a new track from the Episode Shadow DLC instead of the main game, for what is being called “Eggman’s Facility”.

It is unknown at this time if this track connects to any already-announced level, or if it is for something entirely fresh. What is known, however, is that the track is a remix of the song “Rhythm and Balance” from the Sonic Adventure 2 OST. This music was originally utilized for the stage “White Jungle” in that game, and is fitting for Forces since Eggman’s new facility appears to be in part of a jungle.

We’ve included the original version of the song above. Sonic Forces is slated to hit Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One just under two weeks from now on November 7. 

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