Mario Motion Controls Only ‘Sort Of’ Optional

Condolences, controller friends

Update: Earlier, we posted this article with the information that motion controls, in all aspects, were optional. It has recently come to light that this is not true. The motion controls are necessary to be able to use Mario’s roll and cap twirl abilities. The only optional aspect is the camera controls. The article has since been updated to reflect this information.

The news for Super Mario Odyssey keeps on coming, and a recent screenshot has made us very happy indeed. But it doesn’t have to do with new worlds or content exactly.


In our most recent experience with the demo, we commented on the unique nature of Super Mario Odyssey’s controls. In the demo at least, there seemed to be a few techniques accessible only with the Joy-Con. The ability to twirl Cappy after he’s been thrown and Mario’s strange ability to roll both seemed to be locked outside a unique motion control.


(Source: NintendoEverything)

Though the screenshot hardly clarifies, it must be said that the abilities are still locked. The option to disable motion controls applies only to the camera. While this might be an interesting means of observing the environment, it isn’t quite what everyone might have been hoping for.


In addition to this, it would seem the camera can be tweaked in other ways as well. This would mirror what Shigeru Miyamoto said in a recent interview with GameInformer, where the director claimed that Odyssey made controlling the camera “a lot easier” with “a lot of A.I. support so you don’t have to control the camera very much.”

Rumble adjustments are also welcome, as the Joy-Con are a little notorious for being a bit too eager here.

Super Mario Odyssey releases on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, though everyone likely knows that already. It’s been receiving rave reviews from all major news outlets and it’s all but guaranteed to be a major success.

While it is unfortunate that motion controls aren’t optional, there is a solution. If one really doesn’t like the Joy-Con, there is always the controller format available. Or the recently discovered GameCube option.

Stay tuned at B-Button Media for more Odyssey news and look for our own review of the title soon.

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