Metal Gear Survive Aims for February Release Date

More Metal Gear Survive details are on the way

Yesterday, we were promised an announcement regarding Konami’s newest Metal Gear project. The announcement in question was an official release date for Metal Gear Survive, posted this morning.


Metal Gear Survive is the latest project in the Metal Gear series. It’s the first game not to feature series creator Hideo Kojima in some form. And unlike anything we’ve seen before, it’s a Metal Gear that features zombies prominently. Survival is the goal of Survive (go figure), and in addition to watching food, water and oxygen meters, players will have to fend off hordes of mindless monsters.

Originally planned for 2017, Metal Gear Survive was pushed back to 2018 to give the developers more time for polish. But luckily, fans won’t have to wait too long into 2018, as the US release date announced today is for February 20, 2018. The release date for Europe is two days later.


Along with the announcement, it was revealed via Twitter that there will be a special pre-order deal. The game’s Day 1 Survival Pack includes several goodies available in-game upon launch. Among them are two unique emotes, gold-plated weapons and a few accessories.


Via a press release, it has however been confirmed that this same deal will apply to the PC version. (So no worries if you happened to catch that tag at the bottom.)

Stay tuned for more Metal Gear news at B-Button Media. In the meantime, check out the official Gamescom 2016 trailer here, or visit the official site.


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