LEGO Dimensions Officially Ceasing Further Production

After months of speculation and foreshadowing, Warner Bros. has officially decided to pull the plug on the LEGO Dimensions brand of toys-to-life game and figurines. 

The final announcement was made on the official LEGO Dimensions Twitter account earlier this morning. This decision comes after almost a year of poor sales numbers overall for the IP, even despite continued and consistent support. Although future figurines will not be produced, Dimensions itself will continue to have support with all current products and online functionality.

In the grander scheme of things, LEGO Dimensions seems to be yet another casualty within the struggling interactive toys-to-life gaming market. It follows in the footsteps of Disney Infinity — which was cancelled last year — in being an ambitious crossover project that simply fizzled out in popularity the longer that it remained on store shelves. 

While still receiving new functionality and characters, Nintendo’s various lines of Amiibo stand to be the only major competitor left in this niche market. Although sales numbers are clearly down since the rush and hooplah of the figurines’ first year of production, support has continued to be strong. Therefore, it is yet to be seen if the same fate will come upon Nintendo’s attempt at the market as well. 

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