Animal Crossing Mobile Direct Set For Tuesday

Nintendo has announced that a Nintendo Direct will be streamed tomorrow that will focus exclusively on the upcoming Animal Crossing title for smartphone devices.

Originally revealed this morning on the Nintendo Japanese Twitter, the online event was later confirmed for North America and Europe as well. Because it is primarily catering to a Japanese mobile-centric audience, the Direct is set to begin at 11 PM ET in the west — marking one of the later times that the company has held a presentation. However, the video should only last about 15 minutes, which will surely give a comprehensive overview of what to finally expect.

Interestingly enough, however, Nintendo has very made it clear this time around that no Nintendo Switch or 3DS plans will be discussed. This has led some hopeful fans to believe that this is a hint towards a main line Animal Crossing title actually being in development for the hybrid console — yet it is likely just the developer tempering expectations. The most recent news to come of Animal Crossing came from another game-specific Direct in November of last year.

Although the Animal Crossing mobile title has now been known about for over a year, the game’s release schedule has had a rather tumultuous sequence of events. Originally teased alongside Fire Emblem Heroes back in April 2016, the IOS and Android title has seen nothing but delays with no expression of how the gameplay will make the transition to the smartphone format.

However, all should be known by Wednesday morning — hopefully with a final release date for the project in tow. In addition, it will be interesting to see how Nintendo handles its mobile titles following Animal Crossing’s release, as no further plans to support the platform have yet to be discussed.

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