‘Mario Party: The Top 100’ Minigame Island Update

A recent site change reveals more about the new title

The official site for Mario Party: The Top 100 recently updated its appearance and layout. Along with the aesthetic change came a few updates as to the upcoming Mario Party.


Readers may recall a recent article featuring details about the new Mario Party from a recent trailer. Though this article posts information of a similar nature, the site changes are enough of a clarification to warrant their own spotlight.

Here’s what the new site has to tell us about what we learned in the recent trailer:


Minigame Island

Minigame Island is the new singleplayer mode that unlocks minigames for multiplayer. It features a board and sees victory based on coins/stars.

  • There are actually four worlds one must traverse in this mode. Each world is a different board.
  • Bowser and Donkey Kong appear as antagonists on Minigame Island. This is a clear reference to how the two characters functioned in previous Mario Party titles.
  • The ‘Lives’ system appears only in Minigame Island. Amiibo may be used to obtain an additional life when one runs out.


Minigame Match

Minigame Match is the board game-style mode available for multiplayer. It’s likely to feature the four worlds of Minigame Island.

  • The object of this mode is to gather coins, which translate into stars at 10 coins/1 star rate. Stars are the object of victory.
  • Host sets numbers of turns to play and winner is determined at end.



Amiibo may be used to obtain coins and lives.

  • Functional amiibo include all Mario series amiibo, including even Super Smash Bros., Yoshi’s Woolly World and Super Mario Odyssey amiibo.
  • Amiibo are available for in-game use only in the Minigame Island and Minigame Match modes.


  • Characters available for play include: Mario, Peach, Luigi, Yoshi, Waluigi, Daisy, Wario and Rosalina.
  • Toad and Toadette function as guides, explaining game modes and methods of play.


Local Wireless vs. Download Play

Local wireless is one’s standard multiple cartridge-based play. Download play is available for up to four players, using only one game cartridge. It was assumed there was no difference between the two prior, but this has been clarified.

  • When a Minigame Match begins, only the host selects a Minigame Pack for play in Download Play.
  • With Local Wireless, all four players may select a Minigame Pack, thus increasing the amount of minigames available for play in that match.

Mario Party: The Top 100 will be available for Nintendo 3DS on November 10. For more information, visit the site or watch the most recent trailer below.

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