“Jump Up, Super Star!” Musical Hit in US/Japan

No, it’s not just been in your head.

Nintendo may be quite serious about their new song, “Jump Up, Super Star!” Of course, to be fair, it would seem to be a pretty catchy tune.


Recently, it was made known that the Super Mario Odyssey theme song has its lyrics printed inside the game case. It only happens to be the song’s latest new appearance, as it’s featured in a musical trailer and available for purchase on iTunes as well.

On iTunes, the song is a big success. “Jump Up, Super Star!” hit the Top 40 on the US charts shortly after its release. It’s climbed to #25 since then. And in Japan, the song even managed to reach the #1 position.

Odyssey’s new song is a creative means of marketing the game. And with Odyssey-fever abound, everyone seems to have the song stuck in their heads.

Super Mario Odyssey releases next week, on October 27. If you’re interested in the song, you can listen to “Jump Up, Super Star!” in full below.

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