Report: Switch Video Capture Time To Be Extended In Future Update

Word has come out that the newly released Nintendo Switch video capture capability may be greatly expanded in the near future — potentially maxing out at five minutes of recording time.

Just last night, we reported on the release of the Version 4.0.0 system update for the Switch, which included the long-awaited capture function. Since then, gaming news site Kotaku UK has revealed that two credible sources approached them in regards to Nintendo’s plans for further developing the feature.

At the outset, the hybrid console can only record the past 30 seconds of gameplay for very limited number of games. In addition, those games that do not have the functionality already can apparently only gain it through a developer patch. However, according to these sources, Nintendo plans to bolster this in the future with longer recording times and ease of integration for developers.

If this information is accurate, Nintendo is and will be initially in the process of reaching out to developers of games that utilize Nintendo properties to try and get video capture more easily integrated into those games. Once a recipe for this is discovered, the company will begin rolling out longer record times such as one minute, three minute, and five minute intervals — while potentially starting to focus on support for third party devs as well. No timetable on this endeavor has been given quite yet, but it would seemingly be soon as the sources name dropped both Fire Emblem Warriors and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle as potential first targets.

Finally, it has already been confirmed that Super Mario Odyssey — which releases next Friday — will utilize the current video capture system. Seemingly, Nintendo will be able to support major first party releases with the feature rather easily going forward, it is simply to what level the capability is expanded that remains to be seen.

On a separate brief note, it was discovered today via Reddit that Nintendo Switch Version 4.0.0 has also introduced system compatibility with wireless USB headsets and headphones. Obviously, this is only currently available when the console is docked and in TV mode, but the belief is that an adapter could bring the feature to handheld mode in the future as well.

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