Dragon Ball FighterZ to Feature Nappa and Ginyu as Playable Characters

Dragon Ball FighterZ is officially listening to fans

Dragon Ball FighterZ has still more fighters on the horizon. It’s newest additions are bound to be familiar to fans and series acquaintances alike.


In the latest V-Jump magazine, it was revealed that Dragon Ball FighterZ will be adding Nappa and Ginyu.

Nappa, of course, is one of Vegeta’s earliest companions, seen in the infamous “It’s Over 9000!” scene. He’s also behind the ‘Ghost Nappa’ meme. Captain Ginyu is similarly tied to memes, along with his ‘fabulous’ Ginyu Force.

Nappa fights in-game with the help of his Saibamen. Ginyu, meanwhile, uses members of the Ginyu Force in parts of his attacks. Ginyu will additionally use Body Change as a special to switch his health bar with his opponent’s.


Additionally, as reported by Playstation Lifestyle (via Ryokutya), Story Mode has some further details now. The new Story Mode is said to focus on establishing connections with other characters, which is said to consist of the player “linking their spirit with Dragon Ball characters.”

Japan will see the release of Dragon Ball FighterZ on February 1, 2018. The international release is said to be within the same month, but no official date has been confirmed just yet.

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