UPDATE: Mario + Rabbids Releases New ‘Ultra Pack’ Trailer

New ‘Ultra Hard’ difficulty introduced

This post is largely an update on a previous posting. You can read its companion here.

We recently covered the sudden release of the first true DLC content for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. Though we knew what they were to be; new challenge maps; a trailer released today reveals something special about them.


The ‘Ultra Pack’, as it’s called, introduces both a new co-op campaign and eight new solo challenges.

The solo challenges are unique in their introduction of an entirely new difficulty level. ‘Ultra Hard’ is the new highest difficulty with these eight latest challenges. Given the surprising difficulty of even some of the game’s medium challenges, these new ones are sure to cause even seasoned players to stumble a bit.


The video doesn’t tell us much about the new co-op campaign, but it’s sure to draw some inspiration from these solo challenges. A map with four Chain Chomps never really bodes well for anyone.

Stay tuned for more gaming news at In the meantime, see the new trailer in full below:

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