‘Mario Party: The Top 100’ Game Modes and Amiibo Trailer Released

Gameboard, game modes and amiibo functionality explained

Mario Party: The Top 100 was first revealed with little information, other than its concept. But thanks to a new trailer, we now know much more about how the game is meant to be played.


Mario Party: The Top 100 features the top 100 Mario Party minigames from across the franchise. It groups together the best of the best in a single Nintendo 3DS game. This was about all we knew until today’s new trailer, which introduces both the new game modes and amiibo functionality.


The confirmation of the title’s inclusion of a gameboard is especially noteworthy. Though we knew of its existence, we didn’t know what form it might take. The Top 100 uses a board that should be familiar to Mario Party fans, albeit a more streamlined version. The board appears to be significantly smaller, with all spaces seeming to function much the same. Even the star spaces are removed, as stars are simply given out for each ten coins a player has.

Amiibo functionality ties in to this new gameboard. Whenever a player lands on a space marked by an amiibo symbol, that player can then tap any Mario universe amiibo to immediately gain 10 coins. If that amiibo happens to be a Goomba or Koopa Troopa amiibo, they will instead gain 50 coins.


Additionally, if one runs out of lives, one may tap an amiibo to gain one life. And if one taps a Goomba or Koopa Troopa amiibo during the selection of a minigame pack, one gains the Goomba/ Koopa Troopa pack.

Other than the main Minigame Island mode; which unlocks new minigames for multiplayer play; Decathlon and Championship Battles are introduced.

In Minigame Match, players compete for the most stars. In the Decathlon mode, players compete for a high score across 5 or 10 minigames. And finally, Championship Battles has players compete in a best of three or best of five format.


All game modes are made for up to four players. With Download Play, four players can even play locally with just one game card between them.

Mario Party: The Top 100 releases for the Nintendo 3DS on November 10. For more information, see the new trailer below:

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