Fire Emblem Warriors Launch Trailers Published; Japanese Dual Audio Confirmed

A pair of launch trailers for Fire Emblem Warriors have been released straight from Nintendo, outlining the game’s features and DLC plans.

The first and slightly more relevant trailer comes via the official Nintendo of America YouTube channel. The minute-long grants fans another look at each character in action, along with some in-game cutscenes. However, the most newsworthy information comes near the end of the video, confirming the Warriors title’s upcoming additional content — both paid and free.

As early as this Friday, October 20 — when the title releases — owners will be able to purchase the Fire Emblem Warriors Season Pass, which will bundle the three planned content packs for the game together for $19.99 MSRP. Doing so will immediately grant players access to the exclusive bridal gown outfit for Lucina, and each pack will be automatically downloaded when made available in December, February, and March.

Those who may choose to purchase the packs individually can anticipate paying $8.99 MSRP for each. As for contents, it has been confirmed that three new characters and three new History Mode scenario will be included in each installment, as well as new weapons, costumes, and support conversations.

Potentially bigger news, however, is that Fire Emblem Warriors will also have a Japanese voice pack available for download upon release. This will enable fans who may prefer the Japanese voice acting of the characters to still play the game in English, with subtitles to boot. This is seemingly the only language pack planned for Warriors, as no other options have yet been confirmed.

The second trailer — published by Nintendo of Europe on Twitter — is twice the length, yet simply provides an overview of the game’s various features and modes. The video serves as a great refresher on Fire Emblem Warriors — just in time for launch on the Nintendo Switch and 3DS three days from now.

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