BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Coming to Switch in 2018; 3 New Characters Revealed

Developer Arc System Works has officially confirmed that the upcoming 2D crossover 2v2 fighter BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2018.

While previously only confirmed for PlayStation 4 and Steam, it was confirmed in a new trailer that the anticipated title will be hitting the hybrid console as well. We theorized this as a likely possibility back when the game was first announced at EVO 2017, as Arc System Works had previously revealed that a BlazBlue title was in the works for the Switch. No specs for the game have been given at this time, but will certainly be a point of interest for avid fighting game fans that may want to purchase the portable version.

Although this confirmation ended up as the A-topic for most people, the intended focus of the trailer was the introductions of the next three characters for the crossover title.  This time around, both Rachel Alucard and Hazama from BlazBlue fame have been confirmed as playable, as well as Weiss Schnee from popular web animation RWBY. Feel free to check out our previous update to learn up on the other announced characters so far.

The trailer also hints that more reveals will come later this month, and reconfirms BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle for a 2018 release on all platforms. At this perceived stage of development, it seems likely that the title would feature a simultaneous release in the first half of the year — if not first quarter.

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