Super Metroid Not to Return to AGDQ Event This Year

Looks like no one gets to kill or save the animals in 2018

The event Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2018 recently released its full lineup of showcased speedruns. And among them, one prominent title is missing.


An old classic whose predecessor was recently re-released, Super Metroid has long been a mainstay for Games Done Quick’s annual event. A livestreamed charity event, AGDQ is known for featuring Super Metroid toward the end of its speedruns, with the game itself spawning one of the event’s most iconic taglines.

“Kill the Animals/Save the Animals” is a debate that has been around for most of AGDQ’s history, and comes from the Dachora and Etecoon species of Super Metroid. During Samus’ final escape from the exploding Zebes, one has the opportunity to save or abandon these creatures. The creatures may or may not be X-Parasites, and while saving them is canon, it also costs the speedrunner some valuable time. Donations are made during the Super Metroid portion of the livestream to determine whether the speedrunner will, or will not, save the animals.


From this writer’s standpoint, it’s one of the more exciting portions of the livestream. And objectively, it also happens to receive a huge portion of AGDQ’s donations.

There are mixed feelings about ADGQ’s exclusion of Super Metroid this year. For some, it’s a chance to do something new, to feature previously-unseen titles in its place. For others, it is a melancholic farewell to a nostalgic tradition. Perhaps it will return the following year, or perhaps this ship has sailed to other Metroid-infested planets.

Though Super Metroid will not be making an appearance, the NES Metroid will, alongside Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.


For more about the other games included at AGDQ 2018, see the full list here.



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