Sonic Forces OST — Aqua Road

SEGA has released a preview of a never-before-seen Sonic Forces level dubbed “Aqua Road” in a rather unique way — putting out the OST track before any actual gameplay.

Published to both official Sonic the Hedgehog Twitter and YouTube accounts, SEGA confirmed that the music is for a new level which has not been shown off yet. Instead, fans have been treated to some background artwork of the level alongside the stage’s music track — which features vocals. This goes in accordance with two key requests/complaints that fans have had for the game so far: that the 3D Sonic title have more vocal tracks, and that the company show off more of the game’s unseen or new zones.

Previously, Sonic Team had been receiving some blowback from fans in regards to the consistent focus that has been placed on areas of the game that they’ve known about since very early on in the game’s promotional cycle when the developers first started showing off gameplay footage. Some solace came recently in the form of confirmation for a Casino Forest level in the game, but has since been clouded over by yet another OST track release for Park Avenue/Sunset Heights, as well as the confirmation of Chemical Plant Zone as a returning zone.

Regardless of how many returning stages versus new stages are to appear in the game, it is likely that SEGA will put out more info over the next month as Sonic Forces is slated to launch November 7 on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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