Release Date Announced for Rivals of Aether’s Newest Characters

Ranno and Clairen coming to Rivals of Aether

What do a frog and a panther both have in common? Both are anthropomorphic characters coming to brawler Rivals of Aether next week.

Pssh. And you expected a clever response.

Smash-like Rivals of Aether recently announced the release date of the game’s two newest characters. The announcement was made in the reveal trailer for Clairen, a character who looks to be inspired by Hyper Light Drifter’s Magician. This was the first we’d seen of Clairen, the first swordfighter to enter into the game’s roster. Ranno was first revealed in August, but we’d had no word of his release date until now.

Both Ranno and Clairen are set to release on October 17. They’re the first two of a planned four characters and their release brings the game’s roster up to 11 fighters.


Ranno and Clairen would seem to exemplify two unique fighting styles. While Ranno revolves around the usage of poison and his stunning bubbles, Clairen is about aerial combos and zoning, striking opponents with the tip of her sword.

Both fighters enter the game as part of a two-character DLC pack, available for $4.99. Rivals of Aether itself can be found on Steam for $14.99.

For more information, see the new reveal trailer for Clairen below:

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