First Pokkén Tournament DX Update Adds Online Team Battle, Official Groups, and Balance Changes

The first update for Pokkén Tournament DX is on its way to the Nintendo Switch and it will add some highly requested modes and functionality to the online portion of the Pokémon fighting title.

Detailed in an official update post to the Pokkén Tournament website, The Pokémon Company lays out all the anticipated additions coming in the rather bulky initial update. Most notably, fan-favorite and DX version exclusive mode Team Battle will be added to the online battle arena, allowing trainers to field a team of their three favorite Pokémon to battle with.

The first update for the epic Pokémon fighting game for Nintendo Switch adds new features and balance tweaks.

Look forward to even more modes and a better fighting experience when the first update for Pokkén Tournament DX for Nintendo Switch arrives soon. The update will include an online mode for the popular Team Battles in which each player chooses three Pokémon for battle. Choose your top Pokémon and have heated matches with players wherever they are.

Also, official groups from Pokkén Tournament DX will be open in the Group Match online battle mode. After the update, there are plans to hold official Group Matches where players can receive special titles. Stay tuned for more details.

If you want to practice specific techniques and rehearse cool combos, the update will also include a function to record Practice Mode’s Free Training. This function will let you control the opposing Pokémon and record its movements so you can play them back during training. Then, take control of your own Pokémon to train against the Pokémon whose moves you recorded.

Enjoy more fighting fun when the Pokkén Tournament DX update arrives on Nintendo Switch!

If anything similar to how other popular titles in the fighting game genre have handled official online groups, this functionality will being an extra element of community to the online realm, allowing players to be part of a “team” without actually joining any type of eSports team in real life. This is also likely intended to help further spread Pokkén Tournament DX as a growing title in the competitive fighting game scene.

Pokkén Tournament DX was released for the Nintendo Switch on September 22. Feel free to check out the official website for more details, trailers, and images.

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