New Super Mario Odyssey Live Action Musical Trailer Released

Jump Up, Super Star: Nintendo has released a new live action trailer for Super Mario Odyssey that features Mario dancing and moving through New Donk City to the catchy game theme song.

Revealed in commemoration of an Odyssey pre-launch event in Los Angeles — and to mark two and a half weeks out from release — the trailer looks to get people excited for both the epic adventure, as well as the Nintendo Switch itself. Mixed within Mario’s smooth moves, capture tricks, and gameplay sections, various ways to play the title are shown off, including television play, handheld mode, and tabletop co-op mode.

In addition to strengthening everyone’s hype even further, the video and details afterwards grant a little previously unknown details about the theme song — Jump Up, Super Star! For those interested, Nintendo has confirmed a short version of the tune is available to download for free on Super Mario Odyssey’s official website.  In addition, based on an iTunes listing that people have found for the song once the full track releases, it would seem that the singer in the track is one Kate Higgins.

As stated, Super Mario Odyssey is set to blow gamers away later this month on October 27. Just a few days ago, we reported on an overview trailer that was published for the game, hinting at a couple new details.

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