Japanese Trademark Discovered for Nintendo’s Original Gameboy

Could there be a Gameboy Classic Mini in the works?

We’ve seen Nintendo bring back both the NES and the SNES, with new releases of the popular retro consoles in recent years. Could it be now that the Gameboy is next?


Recently, it was discovered that Nintendo has registered a trademark for the original Gameboy. The trademark was filed in Japan and includes the information compiled with the image above, which was found on the Japan Platform for Patent Information website.

This new information has opened up a wealth of speculation as to the future of Nintendo’s ‘Classic’ consoles. But before we jump to any hasty conclusions, it should be noted that the trademark doesn’t actually describe the purpose of the patent.

It could have been filed to make something similar to the 2005 Gameboy Micro. Or it could have been filed just because Nintendo wants to keep the Gameboy property to themselves. Until we’re given more information, this is only speculation, with a Gameboy Classic (Mini) being one possible scenario.

With the recent release of the SNES Classic, everyone seems to want to see their favorite retro console back on the market. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, check out the article we wrote covering the upcoming release of THEC64, a Commodore 64 classic console.


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