Yes, Cuphead Has Plans for a Physical Release

Just in case you missed it

It’s been a little over a week since Cuphead’s release and StudioMDHR’s run-and-gun game is still the talk of the town.


You’ve probably heard all about how difficult it is, with even the tutorial mission shutting down a game journalist or two. And we’re sure that, by now, you’ve already seen how wonderfully animated it is, its visuals inspired by the work of 1930s cartoonists. But in-between running and gunning, you might have missed a bit of news—that Cuphead has plans for a physical release.

The news was officially confirmed last month via Twitter, but it seems to have been largely missed then. Probably due to all the title’s new visuals and gameplay footage released around that time. But regardless of the how, this tidbit is getting a lot of attention now, perhaps as fans are hoping to get their hands on something a little more substantial than a digital download.

By word of the tweet, we might even see a collector’s edition bundled eventually. Perhaps including some sweet Cuphead merchandise?

Though there’s no word yet of how soon any of these physical releases might be, it’s possible they could be quite soon.


Stay tuned for more Cuphead news, including our upcoming review of the game!

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