Fire Emblem Warriors Pre-orders Open Up on Nintendo US Store

Fire Emblem Warriors is set to release next week

Nintendo has officially now created a web page supporting pre-orders of their latest upcoming Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Warriors.


We’ve been covering much of the latest news of the title’s reveals and announcements, and this may be one of the last bits as we enter the final stretch. Fire Emblem Warriors releases next week, with only a short week between its October 20 release and Super Mario Odyssey.

You can access the pre-order link here. The pre-order itself still goes through one’s standard retailers, with the option of a digital version being available for download on the day of the game’s release.

However, the new page does include some more information about the upcoming title. For one, there’s more details about the game’s planned story, which involves restoring the Shield of Flames to defeat the Chaos Dragon. It additionally provides a better look at the new amiibo set to release on the same day.


For more information, visit the new web page (again, link here). And feel free to catch up on the Warriors news by looking through the site’s many articles on the title.

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