Sonic Forces PS4 Trophy List Supposedly Leaked

According to some watchful eyes of social media, the trophy achievement list for the upcoming Sonic Forces appears to have leaked online with some interesting new info.


Compiled on a site called PSNPROFILES, the list contains images, descriptions, rarity, and trophy quality for each accomplishment featured in the game. These all add up to a point total that is then shared on the PlayStation Network’s official “achievement” system. Judging from the items, it seems that players will be able to score in a variety of ways, from beating the campaign to collecting in-game collectibles to completing challenges.

This is where the details of a few trophies gets interesting, however. While SEGA has already shown off Red Star Rings in several gameplay videos, both Number Rings and Silver Moon Rings would be new variations to the 3D Sonic title. In addition, no mention has been made of Special or EX stages in the game yet either.

To top it off, the inclusion of “Daily Missions” and “SOS Missions” could hint at a larger online functionality for Sonic Forces. While DLC has already been confirmed, a type of daily update system could be included that will keep players logging into the game to try a new challenge each day, similar to how many mobile titles work now days. Regardless, it is an interesting add that has not been featured in past console Sonic titles.

More info is sure to be shared officially over the next month, as Sonic Forces is slated to release on November 9 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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