New Sonic The Hedgehog Comic From IDW Publishing Set To Start In April

Following the IP’s departure from Archie Comics, Sonic the Hedgehog will begin its partnership with IDW and writer Ian Flynn this upcoming April.

The news was confirmed this morning in a press release out of IDW’s official website. According to the new publisher, the series will begin with a four week event starting in April that will see four introductory issues released over the course of the month. In addition, it was also confirmed that long-time series contributor and author Ian Flynn will be heading the writing duties on the new project. Flynn expanded on the importance of his role in the official press release:

Sonic the Hedgehog™ and IDW Publishing are excited to reveal today that fan favorite scribe, Ian Flynn, has come on board to take the blue blur and his friends in a fresh, exciting direction.

“I’ve been a SEGA® kid for life, and Sonic has been my career for over a decade,” said Flynn. “I’m overjoyed to keep running with the little blue hedgehog, and especially excited to be expanding my relationship with IDW at the same time. I can’t wait to show you what I’m made of as we reach for the stars and explore the endless possibilities!”

“Ian has a strong connection with both the character and the fans so there was no hesitation in bringing him on to launch this new Sonic series,” said Sonic the Hedgehog editor Joe Hughes. “Not only is he a great writer, but he genuinely loves these characters. His pitches have been nothing short of amazing and we are very excited to get this out to the Sonic community who have been supportive from day one.”

“When we partnered with IDW a couple months back, Ian was undoubtedly our first choice to take the helm and scribe the new comic series,” said Michael Cisneros, Licensing Specialist at SEGA of America. “His uncanny knack for capturing the spirit of Sonic is evident not only in his work, but in the hearts of our very vocal and devoted fan base. We couldn’t be more pleased to have him setting the stage for many years of compelling storytelling.”

A new era of Sonic comics will begin next April with a four-week event. IDW will be moving at Sonic-like speeds to publish the first four issues of the new series in the span of four weeks. Those issues will be written by Flynn with a team of artists joining him to be announced at a later date.

While most recognize him for his work in previous Sonic the Hedgehog comic installments, Flynn has also had a hand in the writing for a couple Sonic Boom television series episodes, as well as some promotional comic materials for Sonic Boom Shattered Crystal and Sonic and the Secret Rings.

This news follows a recent “town hall meeting” held by IDW, in which these plans were confirmed to those in attendance. The promotional artwork shown above was distributed to the crowd, and was completed by none other than Tyson Hesse, lead artist on the opening cinematic for Sonic Mania as well as the Sonic Mega Drive comic series.

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