Jurassic Park Game Lets Players Run the Dinosaur Park

Could this explain the backstory of Mario’s T-Rex?

The original Zoo Tycoon was a fantastic game growing up. But did you ever want a Zoo Tycoon that was just the dinosaurs? Maybe more like Jurassic Park?


In concept, Jurassic World Evolution would seem to be just that. The player takes the role of manager of a dinosaur park similar to the one seen in all the movies, and they become responsible for its success or failure. But unlike Zoo Tycoon, developer Frontier’s dinosaur park simulator would seem to be a little more complicated. And dangerous.

At Frontier’s first Frontier Expo, the developers recently provided a look into some of the game’s inner workings and gameplay.


Running the park seems to rely on managing three equally important components: entertainment, security and science. As any fan of the book or movies might know, these are the trifecta of Jurassic Park, an attraction built for entertainment that has a need for massive security and that hosts sometimes-questionable scientific research.

And of course, as the movies are best known for, managing the park also includes managing disasters. Tropical storms and construction mishaps are just a few of the crises that might plague one’s park, with the outcome most often being the escape of some very large dinos.


What’s perhaps most exciting is that players are able to create their own dinosaurs. A major task in establishing is first finding the necessary fossils to fashion one’s beasts. After extracting DNA from the fossils, one is then able to create the necessary genome, which is then open to some “tweaking”, as the developers put it.

With that little detail included, we’re fairly certain most parks will turn out just as spectacularly disastrous as those seen in the book and movies.

Jurassic World Evolution is set to release sometime in the summer of 2018. If you’re interested in viewing the Frontier Expo talk, click here. Otherwise, here’s a few minutes of the footage they debuted at the expo:

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