ARMS Version 3.2 Trailer: New Character, Badges and Stage

Is there a ‘Dark Spring Man’ on the horizon?

This year’s Nintendo World Championships didn’t give us anything in the way of upcoming releases or big reveals. There was that moment near the beginning when Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime was totally about to say something top-secret, but it was bleeped out.


But something it did give us was the teaser for a new ARMS trailer. And you can bet there’s some hints at something new in there.

ARMS Version 3.2 is coming and the latest video tells us, without words, what might be in-store. All in all, it looks promising.

The first thing we noted in the trailer was a new stage. The Sparring Ring becomes a playable stage come Version 3.2, no longer being reserved for tutorials or 1 vs. 100. While the stage isn’t new per se, it’s nice to have another slot in the lineup.


The next addition we see is badges. Each character would appear to have one stylized after them, with each having a fairly unique aesthetic. However, these badges seem to function more as achievements than they do collectibles.

Upon reaching a certain milestone—such as playing Spring Man 50 rounds or winning the Grand Prix—one receives a badge to highlight the moment, which additionally grants the player a certain number of coins. For a game that takes some time to generate currency, this should be a welcome source of income.

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The final new detail we see in the trailer is also the most interesting. At the end, we see from behind what appears to be Spring Man. However, we notice that his colors are a little darker, with a lot more crimson. The camera then gives a sudden cut to this ‘Spring Man’ hovering, using something some sort of fiery special move. His eyes flash blue and we know this isn’t our springy hero.

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Whether this new character signifies a new ‘Versus Rival’ mode, an actual new character (e.g. ‘Dark Spring Man’) or a continuation of the Grand Prix’s unfinished story, we can’t say for sure. But stay tuned and we’ll have news of it as soon as we can.

For more information, check out the full trailer here.

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