Nintendo World Championships 2017 Event Recap and Winner

The competition began with 24 contestants. And over the course of five hours and thirteen games, a champion was crowned.


The 2017 Nintendo World Championships were, as always, full of surprises. Prior to the event, both competitors and viewers knew of only one game in the lineup. All else was something both had to react to on the fly, which is perhaps the real stress of the event for contestants.

Among the surprise announcements were many surprise turnarounds. The Underground; scene of the final gasps of most contestants; was host to many, including an astonishing comeback made by Thomas “Ito” G., via a stage themed around Mario Party 2.


In the end, it was Thomas “Ito” G. who upset 2015 champ John “Numbers” Goldberg for the 2017 title and trophy. In a final that featured a boss battle from the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey, it was Ito who was fastest in picking up the new mechanics. Despite Goldberg’s previous dominance of the Mario Maker and Super Smash Bros. stages, it was Ito who fought through the Underground; through a neck-and-neck race with third place too; to come out on top.


All the competitors were well-deserving, coming from many varied, gaming backgrounds. But in a contest like the Nintendo World Championships, versatility is key, and it’s only natural that some would be more versatile than others.

If you haven’t seen the event for yourself yet, you can find the full stream here, along with more information about this year’s contest.

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