Super Mario Odyssey Full Site, Overview Trailer Now Available to View

Inching ever so closer to launch, the official website for Super Mario Odyssey has been updated to include detailed areas on The Odyssey, Kingdoms, outfits, souvenirs, and more.

In addition, a brief overview trailer for the most anticipated main-line Mario title in years was also posted. Both this and the website have been added to get those up to speed that have somehow missed the hype train until now. Each give a comprehensive breakdown of the game, ranging from large scale portions like story and world, all the way down to stickers and souvenirs.

While Nintendo sealed up tight and most materials are things already shown off previously, those with watchful Twitter user @Marthmer has spotted separate decorative stickers for Mario’s new ride — The Odyssey — that mention both the Lake Kingdom and tropical jungle Kingdom. Interestingly enough, information on either has been sparse so far, with the latter still not having an official name.

With these areas having distinct stickers from one another — as well as the tropical area potentially being named “The Forgotten Isle” — this new hint could debunk the fan theory that both are one in the same Kingdom.

Time will only tell what the true story is, however, fans need not wait long as Super Mario Odyssey is set to launch just three weeks from now on October 27 for the Nintendo Switch. Just a couple days ago, we reported on some exclusive footage obtained by big-time publication Game Informer that showed off never-before-seen areas of the Cascade Kingdom.

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