English Pokémon USUM Trailer Shows New Characters, Area, and Ultra Beast

Hot off the heels of yesterday’s Japanese Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer, an English variant has been shown off that includes even more interesting info.

Going even more in-depth this morning, the trailer sheds lights on some questions that were only raised just last night — and then some. Titled “Travel Beyond Alola”, the footage showcases just that, displaying where exactly players will be able to ride legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala to: new areas in the Ultra Beast dimension.

It appears that with these new versions, players will now be able to travel back through the various wormholes that appear when an Ultra Beast appears in Alola, transporting them to one of several different worlds. Shown off are what appears to be one returning area from the previous games, a new vine/jungle-esque world, and a brand new city called Ultra Megalopolis. This setting appears to be key to the main story, as a few new and unique things await the player character there.

Inhabiting this new ultra-dimensional city that is void of light appears to be none other than a new team group called the Ultra Recon Squad. Similarly dressed to the Aether foundation from Pokémon Sun and Moon, these individuals don’t appear to be human, and as such, their story is yet to be told. Seemingly, the player will encounter them both here surrounding the ominous tower of light, or within various parts of Alola.

Alongside these key individuals, it appears that they will be accompanied by yet another Ultra Beast. Named UB Adhesive, this new creature joins both UB Burst and UB Assembly as new to each game, and appears to be present in both versions — unlike the other two. Further images and footage of each can be seen in the video above.

More information about each of these fresh features and story details is available on the official Pokémon website. If interested, feel free to check out the Japanese trailer that we reported on last night as well, which includes cutscenes that were weirdly absent from this English version. Nevertheless, Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will appear on the Nintendo 3DS on November 17.

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