This Game Proves Geese Are Awful Creatures

Introducing ‘Richard’ Goose

If there were a contest for my least-favorite fowl, geese would definitely win. And this new indie game proves they deserve that trashy award.


You may remember House House as the developers of the fantastically uncomfortable Push Me Pull You, an (ideally) two-versus-two game where players controlled separate heads of human… worm people.

But squirmy ball-sports aside, House House’s latest game is something a little more recognizable; geese being jerks.

The as-yet-untitled ‘goose game’ sees players take on the role of one of the unpleasant birds, whose only goal seems to be terrorizing a peaceful gardener. In the title’s latest gameplay trailer, we see that the goose even has a list; tasks to check off in bothering the poor guy.


Yes, it’s a little cute. But we wouldn’t be laughing if this were us!

Screaming and calling the police is more like it.


Though from a strictly objective standpoint, ‘untitled goose game’ seems to have some pretty creative mechanics. To manipulate the gardener, the goose must rely on timing and the proper use of fowl screams (‘quacks’, I believe). Success seems to be dependent on speed and wits, as well as a certain bit of impishness.

What’s more is, if the final few seconds are to be believed, the game might have two-player. If one goose wasn’t too much for the gardener, two geese surely will be.

House House’s untitled goose game will hopefully have a title soon (we recommend ‘No Harm, No Fowl’) and is expected to release sometime in 2018.

For more information, see the game’s trailer below:



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