New Gameplay Footage and Release Dates for Sigma and Black Panther (MvC)

An unlikely pairing, but a great team

Of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’s six DLC characters, we now have gameplay of three of them. Black Panther and Sigma are the latest to be featured in the fighting game’s newest footage.


The video displays Sigma and Black Panther fighting side-by-side, beating up Ultron and X. While it’s unclear how great these characters will be in-game, their moves certainly have plenty of flair and seeming combo potential. Some fans may be excited to see that Black Panther looks a little something like the Wolverine we left behind.

But there’s more to this video than just Sigma and Black Panther.

Previously, Marvel vs. Capcom released only gameplay footage for the upcoming Monster Hunter character. But with the new video, Monster Hunter has her own release date as well. Alongside Black Panter and Sigma, Monster Hunter joins the roster October 17.


All of the DLC characters will be immediately available for owners of the Season Pass. Otherwise, they will be available for download separately.

There’s no word yet on Black Widow and Venom, who were confirmed shortly before the game’s release. If the pattern continues, however, it’s likely they will both release alongside Winter Soldier.

Until then, here’s the latest gameplay trailer in full below:

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