The Retro System for Gamers Unfamiliar with Nintendo

Some gamers may remember another

The recent release of the SNES Classic has everyone talking about retro games, about the systems and titles they grew up with. For many, the SNES was one of those systems. But for others, it was another.


Originally released in 1982, the Commodore 64 is still listed as one of the best-selling home computer models of all time. For many, it’s the system that first introduced them to computers; to videogames, to tech; and is responsible for inspiring the careers of many. And soon enough, it too will be returning to the market.

THEC64 Mini is a replica of the popular ‘80s system, albeit with a few modern touches. For one, it’s half the size, and it includes an option for HD output via HDMI cable. And like the SNES Classic, there are a good number of games built into the console; 64 titles, to be exact.


THEC64 Mini also includes a classic-style joystick and a function for saving games. Two USB ports allow for it to be used as a computer or for the addition of a second joystick for two-player games. And again similarly to the SNES Classic, there are options for different display modes, including an emulation of CRT scanlines.

The Commodore 64 retro system is set to release sometime in 2018, alongside the release of a full-sized version, for those uncertain about the Mini.

For more information, check out the system’s official site, or watch the video below:

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