My Predictions for Red Dead Redemption 2

Predictions for the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption is, in my opinion, one of the finest video games ever created. Everything about it – the story, the gameplay, the setting, the characters – is just magnificent. Rockstar Games crafted a title that was a natural extension of the Grand Theft Auto formula, as opposed to a lazy spinoff. Fans have been waiting years for a sequel, and last year, Rockstar teased us with an initial trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. Now that we haveĀ a second trailer, speculations of what will be in the game (and what won’t) are running wild among fans. And being a big RDR fan myself, I feel inclined to indulge as well. Here are some things I predict we’ll see in Red Dead Redemption 2:

1. A story about the fall of the Van der Linde gang

We got our first tastes of the story in the latest trailer, which introduces our protagonist, Arthur Morgan, alongside a returning Dutch Van der Linde. The trailer confirms that RDR2 is a prequel and that it will feature Dutch’s gang, which Morgan is a part of. As we know from the first game, the gang left John Marston for dead following a botched bank robbery. The gang split up shortly afterwards, as Dutch went insane.

This might be the focus of the sequel’s story – it might show the events leading to the collapse of the gang and Dutch’s descent into madness. This would be a great storyline for fans of the original, as it could shed a new light on Marston’s quest to eliminate his former gang members. It’s highly likely we’ll see some old friends return as well. Bill Williamson, Javier Escuela, Abigail Marston and, of course, John Marston himself. And who knows? Maybe a couple other characters will appear as well. With Rockstar, you never know who will come back in future games.

2. Side quests and activities a-plenty

Rockstar is excellent at creating expansive worlds that the player gets completely immersed in. Two things that help in that regard are side quests and activities. Some of the best parts of the first game were the Strangers, special NPCs that offered unique tasks and opportunities to the player based on NPC interaction. Rockstar used them to paint a picture of how harsh and messed up the Old West was, and it’s easy to guess that they’ll bring them back. And if Rockstar has the same scope in mind as GTA V, then we’ll be interacting with a lot of people.

Obviously, we can’t have things like arcade machines and jet planes in RDR2. But the Old West brings its own flavor to the mix, and Morgan is likely to have plenty to do. Of course, there’s always the criminal outlet, but he could also gamble, go hunting, gather fauna, collect bounties, and so on. I firmly believe that Rockstar will bring back the activities from the first game and surprise us with a whole lot of new ones thrown in as well.

3. The return of Red Dead Redemption Online

RDR contained an online multiplayer mode when it launched, and it was a fairly enjoyable experience, if somewhat rudimentary. And since Rockstar has seen tremendous success with GTA Online, it’s a safe bet that RDR2 will get a similar mode. Many of the features introduced in GTA Online would work perfect in the world of RDR.

Players could form gangs with each other and compete with other gangs in warfare, or just rob people, banks–maybe even trains. Or players could be lawmen and vigilantes, hunting down criminals to either protect the town or to collect a bounty. All the activities one could do in singleplayer would be great in the online component as well. You could drink with your friends, play a friendly game of poker, and then have a gunfight in the streets because somebody apparently cheated.

Though it’s uncertain whether the online component would overshadow the singleplayer like GTA V, we’re sure that Rockstar Games will make it an unforgettable experience. Just like the original Red Dead Redemption.

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