Nioh Jumps Onto PC as Nioh: Complete Edition

This morning, it was announced that Nioh will no longer be a PS4 exclusive, seizing an opportunity to release a new edition and jump onto the PC.


It was only this past week that Nioh released its most recent DLC, Bloodshed’s End. Bloodshed’s End, as the final DLC, completes the trio and its release allows for the packaging of the new Nioh: Complete Edition.

Nioh: Complete Edition would seem to be a PC exclusive for now, coming to Steam this fall. As a popular, third-person action-RPG, it was likely only a matter of time before Nioh joined Dark Souls on the PC.


The new edition includes all three DLC campaigns, along with a Steam exclusive in the form of the Dharmachakra Kabuto, a helmet with a red valve on the front.

Nioh: Complete Edition will be released for PC on November 7. No additional clarification has been revealed yet as to whether the PS4 will receive the same package.

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