Super Mario Run Remix 10 Update Launch Trailer

Nintendo has put out a commemorative trailer to mark the launch of the Remix 10 update for Super Mario Run, giving a brief rundown of all the new features coming to the game. 

The footage — which was published to Nintendo Mobile’s official YouTube channel — elaborates on and showcases all of the update’s additions that we reported on a few days ago. These include the new Remix 10 mode, bonus games, World Star, Daisy as a playable character, and the ability for the user to listen to their own music while playing the game. The update is available now, and can be downloaded either manually or automatically on both IOS or Android smart devices. 

Today also marks the beginning of the promotional discount period for Super Mario Run, which will keep the full version of the game priced at $4.99 for the next two weeks. For those hesitant, the new Remix 10 mode is available to try in the free version of the endless runner title as well. 

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