Darkest Dungeon Seemingly Confirmed for Switch

Judging from a tweet by developer Red Hook Studios, it would appear that a port of the popular roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon is in development for the Nintendo Switch. 

In a short half-minute teaser video, the development team shows the 2016 dungeon crawler being played on what is revealed to be the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode. No other information has been given at this time, but this seemingly confirms the project’s existence for the hybrid console. 

Garnering critical acclaim and awards over its lifespan, the game puts the player in charge of a team of characters set to explore the underground caverns of an inherited mansion. In the midst of their travels, users will encounter horrifying creatures who have gained access to this world from other dimensions, and be forced to engage them in what is described as a mixture of turn-based combat and real time movement. The twist, however, is that each hero must manage a stress level that fluctuates based on further combat and exploration, effecting battles in both positive and negative ways for the player. 

As stated, Darkest Dungeon was originally released in January 2016 on Steam for both Windows and Mac OS, then was later ported for both the PlayStation 4, Vita, and Linux. Just this last August, an IOS version made its worldwide debut, so a Switch version would not be the game’s first mobile endeavor. However, it adds to an already stellar indie lineup established for the system, with some granting it the nickname of “the indie machine” as of late. 

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