Blaster Master Zero: Free Update Adds ‘Boss Blast’ Feature

During a livestream yesterday, developer Inti Creates revealed, among other things, plans for an update of Blaster Master Zero, to be released next week.


Blaster Master Zero’s 1.4 update is most notable for adding a boss rush mode, known in-game as ‘Boss Blast’. The game mode sees players fight through all of the game’s bosses at once, with a two-player option for those who own the Switch version. It would even seem to let both players choose their characters.

Unlike previous character DLC updates, Update 1.4 is a free download, meaning all one needs to do is unlock Boss Blast by beating the original game once.

Update 1.4 also provides another 12 save slots for Switch owners, bumping the number up from 9 to 21. This doesn’t apply to 3DS owners, due to some complications with the implementation.

This new update adds a little more content to an indie game that has already shown some love for its fans in the form of free DLC characters (who are now paid-DLC). Though Boss Blast isn’t likely to change our review of the game, it does prove that Blaster Master Zero has some decent value in its humble package.

Update 1.4 will go live starting October 5.

For more information, see this video from yesterday’s livestream, courtesy of Nintendo Everything:

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