Nintendo Shows Off Fire Emblem Warriors’ Opening Cinematic

A month out from Western release, Nintendo has published footage of the English opening cinematic for Fire Emblem Warriors, displaying several characters in stunning animation. 

The video was posted to the official Nintendo UK Twitter account yesterday. While this is the first translated version seem, early Japanese copies of the Warriors title leaked the animation sooner — as well as several other story details. 

Now that the game is officially released overseas, the internet and social media has been ablaze with information and pictures pertaining to characters who appear in-game but are not part of the playable roster so far. It is unknown if these characters can be unlocked through gameplay, or may be featured as DLC later on. The various characters of note are:

  • Anna
  • Darius (Original Character)
  • Navarre
  • Gharnef
  • Owain
  • Validar 
  • Niles
  • Oboro
  • Iago 

Fire Emblem Warriors, both standard and collector’s editions, will release for Nintendo Switch and 3DS on October 20. Last week, we reported on the Tokyo Game Show reveals of Celica, Caede, and Tiki as playable characters. 

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