‘Monster Hunter Stories’ to Receive ‘Legend of Zelda’ DLC

Though Monster Hunter will soon be making her way onto Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, it isn’t the only crossover to be expected for the series.


This morning, Nintendo released on their official YouTube channel a video to announce new DLC for Monster Hunter Stories; involving the characters of the Legend of Zelda franchise.

The DLC specifically adds new costumes and weaponry, allowing one’s character to dress up as Link and wield the Master Sword in battle. Additionally, one’s cat (Navirou) appears to have the ability to wear Majora’s mask. Which totally isn’t creepy.


It would seem that Epona is added with the DLC too. Link’s iconic horse makes an appearance as one of the available companions, which are normally received from stealing monster eggs. Naturally, Epona has her own special attack, which brings in both the completed Triforce and a number of fairies to finish off a monster.


We have yet to hear more about the exact details of this DLC, but it is already launching quite soon; September 28, in fact. In the meantime, see the announcement trailer below, and stay tuned for any updates!

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