Super Mario Run to Dash Out New Update, Big Price Cut

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to get Super Mario Run for your mobile device, it might be a good time to get the game soon.


In recent news, Super Mario Run will soon be receiving what looks to be its biggest update yet, adding a new mode, a new character and a new world to run through.

‘Remix 10’ is a new game mode that mixes up 10 sections from previous Mario Run stages into a random new level, which features rainbow coins to be collected. The game mode seems to be focused on quick play, as failing any given level only causes one to lose the bonus coins for completion; either way, one will still end up at the next level.


Remix 10 is also the mode that unlocks Daisy as a playable character. Completing a certain number of levels brings the player to where Daisy is being held captive, leading to the level of her rescue. Like the other playable characters, Daisy has her own special ability, which is the double jump.

Update: Another new feature being added is the ability to listen to one’s own music when playing the game. This takes effect in-game by giving your character a pair of headphones which trail music notes as one runs.

And lastly, Super Mario Run adds a new world with its next update. World Star is unlocked after beating Worlds 1 through 6, which brings nine new levels and new opportunities at obtaining all three different colors of coins. World Star adds new enemies and gameplay mechanics as well, and if it’s anything like previous Star Worlds, it should be a challenge. Additionally, Nintendo is promising some “surprises” here.


The update for Super Mario Run goes live on September 29. That same day, the app will launch a two-week sale, meaning Super Mario Run will be available for 50% off during this time. For those unsure about the regular ten-dollar price tag, five dollars may seem a bit more reasonable.

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