Fire Emblem Warriors DLC Plans Confirmed; Season Pass Available

Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have unveiled their plans to support Fire Emblem Warriors post-launch — which will include DLC characters, maps, and outfits.

Revealed once again during Tokyo Game Show, the developers laid out a loose timetable for any additional content packs going forward, as well as the themes of each. As it stands, three main packs are planned initially, being a Fire Emblem Fates one by the end of 2017, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon in early 2018, and Fire Emblem Awakening content in Spring 2018. 

Although these were the only three listed, it’s very possible that more varied content may come down the line, either after this time period or mixed throughout. If anything similar to the way DLC was handled for Hyrule Warriors, the game will undoubtedly receive some extra love and surprises. 

In terms of pricing, each pack is set to sell for 1,400 yen, or $12.50 if converted. In addition, a Season Pass for all of this announced content was confirmed, which would bundle the three together for 3,000 yen, or around $27. Purchasing this pass will also grant players access to a special in-game bridal skin for the character Lucina, suggesting that outfits will almost definitely be part of each DLC pack, as well as a character or two, and new maps. 

Although only four days away in Japan, Fire Emblem Warriors is set to launch on Nintendo Switch and 3DS in North America on October 20. It shouldn’t be long until details on the English version of these DLC plans are announced, as official news has been translated quickly so far. 

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