Caede and Tiki Confirmed For Fire Emblem Warriors

After months of foreshadowing, both Tiki and Caede from Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon have been confirmed as playable characters in Fire Emblem Warriors

Revealed early this morning once again at Koei Tecmo’s Tokyo Game Show stage presentation, Marth finally has some friends from his own game to fight alongside of. Both characters were decently expected to join the roster, especially after Caede was accidentally shown in a recent trailer, and Tiki has had an Amiibo specifically confirmed for the Warriors title since back at E3 this year. 

Each character looks to reprise their roles and classes from Shadow Dragon, with Caede fighting as a Pegasus Knight and Tiki as a Manakete armed with a Dragonstone. While the former joins the ranks of three other already confirmed aerial riders, Tiki comes in as the only dragon and stone equipped hero so far, unless one were to count Corrin’s transformations included in their moveset. 

The addition of these two characters brings the starting roster to a whopping 24 heroes gathered from all across the Fire Emblem series’ long history. If going by the hints left behind, including the recent Spanish box art leak, there should be one character left remaining to be confirmed before the game’s launch on Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Japan in a few days. This character should be revealed as either Anna or Navarre, based on previous evidence. 

Fire Emblem Warriors is set to launch in both standard and collector’s edition forms in North America on October 20. A short gameplay demonstration of both Tiki and Caede in action was showcased as well and can be seen below. 

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