Japanese Advert For Super Mario Odyssey May Hint At A Major New Region

Advertising for Super Mario Odyssey has officially begun in Japan, and it looks like the first wave is already making quite a splash — potentially hinting a return to a nostalgic area.


The above image comes from one of the official posted adverts to hit Japan from Nintendo. Over the past few months, fans have gotten quite familiar with this image as being the world map for Super Mario Odyssey, and have even used it to decide some information on the upcoming mega-hit. However, this time, it appears that Nintendo has laid out the teaser in plain sight.

As long-time fans of the Mario series should be able to recognize, the small landmass indicated by the arrow on the above map appears to be none other than Isle Delfino — the central setting of Super Mario Sunshine on the Nintendo GameCube. The dolphin shape of the island and close proximity to what is clearly the Mushroom Kingdom almost certainly gives the location’s identity away.

Needless to say, this development has already led speculation to run rampant, with fans theorizing about a possible return to the now-clean tropical island soon. After all, the Mushroom Kingdom has already been established as one of the main Kingdoms that Mario will visit sometime over the course of Super Mario Odyssey, so it would not be too out of the question for Isle Delfino to be in play as well. At least, that’s what many are hoping for.

In addition to this now fairly in-your-face hint, Odyssey has contained some features so far that either coincidentally or not coincidentally provide subtle nods and hints towards Super Mario Sunshine. For instance, as early as E3 this year, Mario was seen cleaning up graffiti-esque goop in the Wooded Kingdom with his hat, and just this last week, footage was released of a flower that makes the ex-plumber run across water at high speeds. Both of these actions show striking resemblance to the F.L.U.D.D. abilities of Sunshine, so maybe they aren’t just cute little callbacks after all.

With the plot thickening and mystery about, fans will finally embark on their mustachioed voyage next month on October 27. Last week, we provided a massive run down of all the latest Super Mario Odyssey news to come out of the Nintendo Direct, including another look at this same world map, but actually in-game.

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