Celica Revealed For Fire Emblem Warriors

Developer Koei Tecmo has revealed that Celica — the warrior princess of Zofia — will be blasting her way onto the battlefield in Fire Emblem Warriors

Initially revealed during a Koei Tecmo stage show this morning at Tokyo Game Show, the stream footage was captured by YouTube channel NinEverything. The demonstration gives players their first look at the fan-favorite character in the newest Warriors title, which is set to launch in Japan a week from now. 

Celica — who joins the roster from Fire Emblem Gaiden/Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia — introduces an interesting mixture of classes to the game, being both a sword user and mage. As such, she utilizes her sword for close range, quick-strike combat, but can also finish off large numbers of foes from further away using her tome Ragnarok. Robin is probably the closest existing hero to this playstyle, combining multiple tomes with his Levin Sword. 

The fresh confirmation of Celica continues to validate the supposed box art leak that we reported on a couple weeks ago. So far, both today’s reveal as well as Lyn from last week have added fuel to the fire, as well as Caede’s stealth appearance in one of the more recent trailers for the game. If everything adds up, Tiki and Anna would then be the last two characters to round out the roster, unless there are more combatants featured in-game that are not present on the box. 

Fire Emblem Warriors is set to launch for Nintendo Switch and 3DS in North America on October 20. A special collector’s edition of the strategy brawler title will also be available, packaging in a double-sided posted, 25 character art cards, and a three disc sound sampler. 

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